Namaz Rakats!  How Many Rakats Are In Each Prayer And What Are Their Names?

 Namaz Rakats!  How Many Rakats Are In Each Prayer

Namaz is one of the most important pillars of Islam. It is the second of the five pillars of Islam, and it is a direct connection between a Muslim and Allah. Muslims believe that through prayer, they are able to communicate with their creator and ask for forgiveness, guidance, and blessings. Prayer is also a way for Muslims to give thanks and show humility before Allah.

It is the key to a successful life as a Muslim. Muslims perform Namaz to please Allah and to seek His guidance. It is a time for reflection and connection with Allah, and it is also a way to build community and solidarity among Muslims.

In addition to the five daily prayers, Muslims are also encouraged to offer voluntary prayers throughout the day. These prayers can be offered in addition to or in place of the prescribed prayers. Voluntary prayers offer Muslims an opportunity to connect with Allah more frequently and deepen their relationship with Him.

It is a central part of Islam and plays a vital role in the spiritual lives of Muslims around the world.

but Today, we will be talking about How Many Rakats Are In Each Prayer And What Are Their Names? did you know about Namaz Rakats?

how many rakats in fajr? Fajar Rakats (Morning Prayer)


The timings for this salat begin just before daybreak and end just before sunrise. It is a four-Rakat prayer with two Rakats each.

There are four rakats in fajr prayer. The first two rakats are sunnah, and the last two are fard. However, if you’re just starting out, it’s perfectly acceptable to pray only the two fard rakats.

The sunnah rakats are strongly encouraged, but they are not mandatory. In terms of timing, the sunnah rakats should be prayed before the fard rakats.

However, if you’re running late or if you need to make up a missed prayer, you can pray the sunnah rakats after the fard rakats. Just remember that the fard rakats always take priority.

how many rakats in zuhr? (Noon Prayer)

Zuhr prayer is a 12 Rakats prayer that can be performed in 2 sets of 4 Rakats or in one set of 8 Rakats. The first four Rakats are sunnat mokadda and the next four Rakats are fard.

The last two Rakats are again sunnat mokadda. If you want to offer more nawafils after the namaz, you can do that but it’s not mandatory. This prayer is very important as it has a lot of blessings attached to it.

Allah opens the gates of heaven during this time and showers His blessings on those who pray this salat till Asar prayer.

If we talk about the importance of this Namaz, it is highlighted in a hadith that;

“During the Zuhar Salat’s time, the gates of heaven get opened.”

how many rakats in asr? (Afternoon Prayer)

The Asar prayer consists of eight Rakats, four Rakat Sunnat, which is non-Mokadda, and four Rakat fard.

Non-Mokadda Rakats means there is no sin if you don’t offer them but praying to them is rewardful. In a hadith, it is mentioned that;

“Whoever offers Fajr and Asar prayer will enter Jannah.”

This Salat opens the doors of heaven for those who perform it and protects him from hell. Many hadiths have mentioned that this Salat takes place a very important role in the success of Muslims.

The Asar prayer gives you and your family good health and protects you from diseases.

how many rakats in magrib? (Evening Prayer)

Maghrib prayer has three rakats as fard and four sunnah. If a person offers more than four sunnah, it will be considered extra credit. Maghrib prayer is very important for a Muslim as it is the last obligatory prayer of the day. Allah offers his countless blessings to those who offer this Salat and take away all the blessing from those who skip it.

how many rakats in isha? (Night Prayer)

Isha Prayer is the last prayer of the day. The time of this prayer starts when shy gets dark after the Maghrib prayer till Fajr.

This Salat consists of seventeen Rakats. One who offers this prayer will be kept in blessings till morning, and Allah will set angles to protect the person till Fajr Namaz

Also, as this prayer is performed before sleeping, so it will make a person sleep peacefully and he will get up in the morning with energy and enthusiasm.

how many rakats in jummah prayer?

Jummah prayer is a very important prayer in Islam. It is offered every Friday, and Muslims are required to offer this Namaz.

Jummah consists of four Rakats Sunnah, two Rakat fard, and then four Rakat sunnah. The fard Rakats are compulsory for every Muslim whereas the sunnah Rakats are not.

Jummah is a very important prayer as it has many blessings attached to it. Allah gives special rewards to those who offer this Salat with purity and sincerity.

It is also mentioned in a hadith that;

“On the Day of Judgment, Jummah will be the first thing that a person will be asked about.”

So make sure you offer your Jummah prayer with full concentration and sincerity.

What are the different types of rakats?

There are four types of rakats: sunnah, fard, witr, and nafl.

Sunnah prayers are those that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) regularly performed but are not mandatory. Fard prayers are those that are compulsory. Witr prayers are those that are strongly encouraged but not mandatory, and nafl prayers are voluntary prayers that can be performed at any time.


What is the difference between fard and witr prayers?

Fard prayers are compulsory, while witr prayers are voluntary but strongly encouraged. In terms of timing, witr prayers are typically performed after Isha prayer, but they can be performed at any time during the night.

What are the different Rakats in Islam?

Fajr – 2 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats Fard
Zuhr – 4 Rakats Sunnah + 4 Rakats Fard + 2 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats nafl
Asr – 4 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats Fard
Maghrib – 3 Rakats Fard + 2 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats nafl
Isha – 4 Rakats Sunnah + 4 Rakats Fard + 2 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats nafl + Witr 3 + 2 Rakats nafl
Nafl – 2, 4, 6, 8 Rakats (any even number)
jumma – 4 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats fard + 4 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats Sunnah + 2 Rakats nafl
ramadan taraveeh- 20 Rakats Sunnah

What is the difference between Namaz and Salah?

There is no difference between Namaz and Salah. They are both terms used to refer to the act of prayer in Islam.

What is the difference between Rakat and Salah?

Rakat refers to the prescribed movements and words that are recited during prayer, while Salah refers to the overall act of prayer.

If you have any questions about Namaz Rakats, how many rakats are in each prayer, and their names, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out with anything related to Islam!

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