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Welcome to NmazRoza Online Quran Academy

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We welcome all users who want to learn Quran and Want to Know more about Islam, the Arabic language through our online courses. We offer both basic trapping for beginners, as well as advanced level classes on subjects like Hadith or Tafsir which provide great insight into the religion’s foundations.
This website provides access not only at home but also globally!

The NamzRoza-Quran Academy is a place for those who have learned the Quran but need more guidance. It provides services in 107 different walks of life with one goal: Propagating Islamic teachings through recitation and learning how to read properly! If you’re an aged or busy person on this earth, take admission at our online academy so that we may help teach what it means when verses are being recited correctly.”

Online Quran Courses We Offer!

Online Quran Reading Course for Beginners

The first time you read the Quran, it can be a daunting experience. Even for those who have studied Islam in their childhood and learned Arabic as well from an early age, there are some complex aspects that might leave them feeling lost or confused about what certain words mean – but not anymore! With our interactive courses, we’ve made this task much less difficult by providing handy tools so all students need now is patience before being able to complete every chapter with accuracy after learning how they work together properly than reading becomes enjoyable again because of its fluency which will come naturally over repeated readings due mainly thanks also to use these great Online Quran lessons.

Online Quran Tajweed course

The Quran tutor in this course helps learners of all levels understand principles and apply them successfully. The methodology includes memorization practices that enable students to raise their understanding far beyond what was originally taught, through practice with Tajweed rules as well! Learning about Tarteel is not only an obligation but also ensures a better Qira’at (outsider) grade on your script whenever you submit it for publication or recording purposes.”

Online Quran memorization course

Achieving the goal of reading the Quran is a challenging task for every Muslim. We make sure our students reach their target and remember what they read with exercises like repetition, and revision which will hold you accountable until completion ensuring perfect retention!
Our process guarantees success so trust us in achieving your dream  — we support all throughout this journey till reaching Qorban (the great reminder).

Why Choose As a Quran Tutor for
Online Quran Teacher

Expert Quran TutorLearn to read and understand the Quran with ease using this online course that teaches you all about Arabic sounds.
We Value Our StudentsWe value our students and we want them to succeed in their studies. We provide them with the best possible learning environment.
Male & Female TeachersWe have many well-qualified and expert male or female tutors that can teach you the Norani Qaida, and Quran Sharia laws regarding Islam.
Flexible TimingsWe offer our students flexible timings so that they can learn at their own pace and according to their own schedules.

Qualified Tutors

Our online Quran Madrassa has been catering to the learning needs of 500+ pupils from all around the world since 2019. We pride ourselves in being trusted and recommended by these carefully chosen students, who together with our certified tutors build an impacting Islamic journey every day!
Join our community today so that your goals seem closer than ever before.”

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